Charter Schools

These schools have the potential to facilitate education reforms and develop new and creative teaching methods for the benefit of all children with different or unique learning styles.

Nevada’s Charter School Legislation was enacted in 1997 to provide teachers, other educational personnel, parents, legal guardians and other persons who are interested in public education in Nevada the opportunity to improve the learning of students and, by extension, improve the system of public education. It also increases the opportunities for learning and for access to quality education by students and encourages the use of different and innovative teaching methods. Along with establishing appropriate measures for and assessments of learning achieved by students who are enrolled in charter schools, the legislation provides a more thorough and efficient system of accountability of the results achieved in public education in the state.

These publicly funded charter schools are designed to offer families an alternative to traditional public school options. They may be sponsored by the State of Nevada, a college or university within the Nevada System of Higher Education, or a local school district. Charter schools are monitored on a continuing basis, and are subject to the same laws, regulations and policies as traditional public schools.

Most charter schools are public elementary, middle and/or secondary schools and are relatively autonomous schools of choice that operate under a charter or contract issued by a public entity such as a local school board or a state board of education. Individual states determine in their charter school legislation what rules must be adhered to, what rules may be waived, and what procedures must be followed to obtain a charter. In return for autonomy, charter schools are held accountable for student performance. If the goals of the school set forth in the charter are not reached, then the school’s charter may be revoked or not renewed.

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